Stainless Steel Caravan Solar Panel Mounts - Curved Surface

Caravan roof solar panel mounting bracket Stainless – PAIR

Cut Price Solar sell these caravan roof solar panel mounting brackets to enable you to mount any solar panel on your caravan, motorhome, truck or boat.

Air flow plays an important part in keeping the solar panel cell temperature down and it is for this reason that all manufactures of these types of panels specify that the panels must be mounted in such a fashion as to allow cooling air to flow beneath the panels.

Our Cut Price Solar mounts place your solar panels so that there is an air gap of 75mm between the panel and the roof or your caravan or motorhome, giving your panels the chance for the most efficiency.

These brackets are perfect for a curved surface as their footprint is smaller than our ABS mounting kit. These brackets will require screwing to your mounting surface.


50 in stock (can be backordered)