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188w Sharp Solar module

  • High-power module (188W) using 156.5mm square single crystal silicon solar cells with 14.24% module conversion efficiency
  • Photovoltaic module with bypass diode minimises the power loss caused by shade
  • Textured cell surface to reduce the reflection of sunlight and BSF (Black Surface Field) structure to improve cell conversion efficiency: 15.99%
  • Black aluminum frame
  • Strong, low iron, white tempered glass, EVA resin and a weatherproof film, plus aluminium frame for extended outdoor use
  • Perfect for grid connected systems
  • Output terminal: Lead wire with waterproof connector
  • Certifications: IEC 61215 and IEC 61730
  • SHARP modules are manufactured in ISO 9001 certified factories
  • Modules are Made in Japan
  • Designed for use with Sharp YS-2AU mounting system, Made in Japan.

5-year warranty

This solar panel is refurbished and tested by Cut Price Solar prior to sale.


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