170w Blueline solar

Blueline solar’s leading edge technology XT solar panels are now available on the Australian market. Photovoltaic solar modules are manufactured with a focus on quality and reliability. Glass, Solar Cells and frames have been sourced on a global scale and manufactured to Australian standards. The efficiency ratings of the solar modules exceed industry standards and have been tested to support its 25 year power output warranty and beyond. The unique ARC (anti reflective coating) technology means the systems outperform most standard solar panels of the same wattage. The ARC technology also repels dust for better performance on a daily basis. This technology is available now at no extra cost.

Power tolerance (0 to +3%) most solar panels have + or – 3% making a big difference to your systems overall performance.
Most updated design with drainage holes in the frame to ensure the modules withstand the harsh Australian environment.
High wind loadings – Certified by TUV to withstand 2400Pa.
Propriety ARC technology allows more light through for higher performance than standard traditional solar panels.
Made by the most vertically integrated manufacturer in the industry. Everything from the glass, ingots to wafers and cells are all made in the same one assuring the highest in quality assurance standards.
Above industry standards warranties.
Australian Owned and and operated company.

Solar Cell Mono-crystalline 125 x 125mm (5 inch)
No. of Cells 72 (6 x 12)
Dimensions 1580 x 808 x 35mm (62.2 x 31.8 x 1.4 inch)
Weight 15.5 kg (34.1 lbs)
Front Glass 3.2mm (0.13 inch) tempered glass
Frame Anodized aluminium alloy
Junction Box Cixi Renhe PV-RH0502B (TUV)

5-year warranty

This solar panel is refurbished and tested by Cut Price Solar prior to sale.


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