1500w Solar Off-Grid Kit

This kit is designed as a plug and play solution for off-grid power supply. It does not include batteries as we find that many customers already own or can attain batteries easily. All you will need to do for this kit is to connect your battery leads, secure the solar panels and then lastly plug the solar panels into the system. This will work for 12 or 24 volt battery systems, contact us if you require a 48 volt solution.

The Kit includes:

  1. 6 x 250w Solar Panels
  2. 1 x 100/50 Victron Charge Controller
  3. 3 x 5mtr long plug and play 4mm solar panel leads
  4. 1 x IP rated steel (powdercoated) enclosure
  5. 3 x 2-pole circuit breakers
  6. 1 x circuit breaker enclosure
  7. 1 x 50amp two pole battery isolator
  8. 1 x set of 1mtr long 16mm battery cables with 16mm lugs
  9. additional internal wiring is included in the price
  10. 1 x Bluetooth Battery/system monitor (connects to apple or android devices).

This kit can be shipped nation wide and requires a three day turn around to build the enclosure components.

Contact us for shipping.