kaneka 110w cut price solar

110w Kaneka Corporation

Electrical Standard Conditions

Maximum Power(Pmax) W 110
Tolerance ‐5% / 10%
Minimum value of Pmax W 104.5
Open circuit voltage(Voc) V 71
Short circuit voltage current (Isc) A 2.50
Voltage at Pmax (Vmpp) V 54.00
Current at Pmax(Impp) A 2.04

Tempreture Co-efficients

Power %/℃ ‐0.35
Open circuit voltage %/℃ ‐0.39
Short circuit current %/℃ 0.055


Cell Type Thin film (amorphous Si/ thin film micro
Dimension mm W1,240±2.5 × L1,008±2.5 × T40±1.0
Weight Kg 18.3


Maximum System voltage V 600

5-year warranty

This solar panel is refurbished and tested by Cut Price Solar prior to sale.


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