New System Quotes

While we specialise in Upgrading existing solar systems and supplying 12 volt systems, we work closely with Uni-Industries; Queensland’s largest and most respected New Installation specialists.

Take the time to fill in your new installation needs on this page and someone from Cut Price Solar will assist you in designing your new solar system for Domestic, Off-Grid or Commercial uses.

We believe that solar equipment must be affordable, of the highest quality and easily accessible to every Australian. Cut Price Solar has opened up the ability for anyone to purchase panels and solar equipment at wholesale prices, without skimping on quality or service. We offer:

  • Affordable priced solar panel systems with superior qualities
  • A check-list of your needs to get you the maximum result
  • Interest free terms to get your system installed and making money

Ask us why more than 35,000 households are slashing or even wiping out their electricity bills with a solar power system from Cut Price Solar!

Details you provide will be submitted via a secure and encrypted connection and handled in accordance with our privacy policy. Asking Cut Price Solar for a free solar power quote does not obligate you to buy a solar panel system from us, we are foremost a source of education before we are a retailer.

As well as pricing and component details, we’ll make sure that your solar quote will estimate your chosen system’s electricity generation as well as how much money you’ll save.

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